Healing Heart™ TV

Healing Heart™ TV

Nature is a natural place to heal from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stress. Sometimes, it is not possible to physically be in nature and that is why Healing Heart™ TV is here...so you CAN connect to nature AND healing music...at any time and from any place.

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Healing Heart™ TV
  • #7 Healing Heart TV Solace of Snow

    Sometimes it seems as if winter will never end yet on days like this that I was able to capture we can find peace and calm in the gentleness of this snowfall in northeastern Ohio.

  • Yosemite Rivers - The Most Beautiful World in the World

    This 30 minute video takes a journey through the waters of the Merced River in Yosemite Valley. Composer and musician John Adorney scored the original soundtrack in order to bring you peace and tranquility as you wander in your senses as you engage with this video. An original Healing Heart™ Film.

  • Episode #5 Feather On The Wind

    Episode #5 of Healing Heart™ TV focuses on the simple beauty of the California wildflowers form the coast of Big Sur to the Eastern Sierra Mountains.
    Music: Feather On The Wind
    ~John Adorney~

  • Episode #1 True North

    The Central Coast of California is one of my favorite places to shoot (and live!) so of course this would be the first in the series.
    Locations include Avila Beach, CA & Big Sur, CA
    Music composed by John Adorney.

  • Episode # 2 Tibetan Monks Mandala

    Sometimes we like to share with you different meditative and prayer practices. Over the course of 3 days we filmed Tibetan Buddhist Monks creating a sand Mandala which is not only a form of prayer but an incredible creation of art. According to Buddhist belief all of life is impermanent and as we...

  • Episode #3 River of Breath

    There is a magical place in Northern California called Burney Falls. Even during a drought over 1 million gallons a day pour over and through the earth at this sacred place. It is such and inspiration for all of us to know we have a source of wellness deep within even when we think our well has r...

  • Episode #4 Yosemite Comforts You

    As the title say, Yosemite does comfort you in this episode. The original song, Even In Your Darkest Hour, was written and performed by John Adorney and sung by the amazing Daya. This piece is sure to bring you to the light in moments of darkness.